EU Country List

How To Get "Country Guides" For Any EU Country

If you plan on living abroad or visiting for an extended period, these free guides are indispensible


HSBC produces wonderful country guides for many countries around the world and all of the countries of the European Union. These guides are indispensible for anyone doing business there or for long term visitors and especially expats!

They are free, and HSBC will mail them to you. There appears to be a limit of about 5 country guides to an email address every week or so, but you can have more of them sent to multiple email addresses. Guides like these normally cost hundreds of dollars, but HSBC is using them to acquire customers, and so is giving them away as a good will gesture.

Download one and see for yourself just how useful these guides are... after all, they are FREE!



These are no longer offered publicly for all countries for free, but there still are a few free country guides you may get from our link below:

Free Country Guides!